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Dude, Where’s My Car?

I have to admit this has happened to me before but I think it happens to my wife more often.   Sometimes, not often, but sometimes when I park my car in a large shopping center parking lot I have a  tough time finding it when I come out.  Well, a  new study shows men are better than women at finding the car in a mall parking lot.   A recent study cited in the Wall Street Journal found that 59 percent of women admitted to having frequent problems relocating their vehicles in parking lots  as opposed to 42 percent of men.  Apparently men use distance and direction to find their cars while women use landmarks.  I’m thinking the only reason this probably happens more to my wife than me is because she does all the shopping. 
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Black Friday Secrets Revealed

Black Friday deals are coming out extra early this year.  For the most part though, the big doorbuster deals start Thanksgiving night. There are those who won’t set foot near a store or mall during this time.  But I found a few ladies who view Black Friday as both a tradition and a marathon and were Continue Reading

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